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Breath of Life - 2D animation


Breath of Life


Graduation film




"In a world ravaged by air pollution, where only one tree remains, a resilient tree spirit dedicates each day to gathering the tree's essence, revitalizing the withered surroundings. However, relentless factory emissions jeopardize his last refuge. Facing this dire threat, what choices will he make?

"Breath of Life" is an animated masterpiece that unfolds this poignant tale. Follow the journey of the tree spirit as he grapples with an existential decision amidst a dwindling ecosystem. Directed by Nanxi Mo, this evocative creation explores themes of sacrifice, determination, and the delicate balance between humanity and nature.

Witness the struggle, the beauty, and the transformation in a world on the brink. This animation embodies a powerful message about our responsibility to preserve the environment we share. 'Breath of Life' invites us to reflect on our actions and their impact on our planet's future.

Director: Nanxi Mo

Animator: Nanxi Mo & HAMAN

Music: Toby Longhurst

Sound Design: Cam Evans

生命之息 海报.jpg

Witness the power of resilience. Embrace the call to protect our environment.

"Breath of Life" - a captivating tale of environmental resilience.

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