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Boo - 2D animation




Personal project





This work is a concept set with the theme of killing whales and other marine creatures indiscriminately in the waters around Japan. There are a large number of whales to be killed every year, while the actual reason is the considerable appetite of whales. Whales can eat up all the fish at one time, which causes great loss and significant impacts on the fishing industry. As a result, people start to kill whales indiscriminately. However, it is claimed by Japan that whaling is for the study of whales' physiological habits. It quite annoys me for such kind of act, since they wantonly damage and ignore the ecological balance just for some commercial benefits. Then, I made some further investigations, only to find surprisingly from a report by The Daily Telegraph on June 10th, 2019 that Japan was preparing for com­mercial whaling in early July, though it has been called off for over thirty years. A whaling team of five ships is to be set off from a port in Kushiro, Hokkaido, Japan, on July 1st. It is expected that the whaling will continue this Autumn; in other words, the whaling in Japan is still in progress now. The whaling in Japan for commercial purposes has triggered a wave of great anger. Driven by such commercial benefits, more and more whales are being killed, which will definitely lead to an imbalance in the ecological circle. In fact, there are quite a lot of examples of humans killing marine creatures for their commercial benefits. Many wild animals, even some rare animals, are being inhumanely hunted and killed, which has damaged ecology seriously. 

Witness the power of resilience. Embrace the call to protect our environment.

"Breath of Life" - a captivating tale of environmental resilience.

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